Using Water to Heal the Feminine Body Temple

Throughout my journey transiting a full childbearing year: from conception, through pregnancy, the birth of my daughter and into the postpartum phase which completes this sacred cycle, I can personally attest to the benefits that certain therapeutic tools have had on my physical and mental wellbeing and overall health during this time.

The practice of employing yoni steams and sitz baths is indigenous to women of many cultures. Vaginal steams are known by different names throughout the world: in Korea as chai-yok, yoni svedana in Ayurveda or bajos to the women of Meso and South America.

The term sitz bath is German in origin, indicating a bath that you sit in, but the therapy itself can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian medical text, the Papyrus of Ebers, dated around 1150 B.C.

Yoni Steams target the womb, vaginal canal and all the surrounding tissues. They are indicated for cold conditions and stagnation of the female reproductive system such as painful menstruation, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis and even infertility. Yoni Steams heat the womb, bringing fresh blood to the region as well as nourishing, toning, healing and cleansing the vaginal canal and uterus.

Sitz baths have more wide-ranging effects; influencing the health of the entire pelvic and abdominal regions, as well as their corresponding organs, mainly by increasing blood flow to these areas. Sitz baths are indicated for a range of conditions including hemorrhoids, vaginal tears, post partum healing, IBS, uterine cramps as well as infections of the bladder, prostate and vagina.

Throughout the world, knowledge of these potent hydrotherapy practices has been used in tandem with plant medicine and aromatherapy. Integrating the wisdom of aromatic botanical medicine with the healing power of water has many far-reaching effects on the body and mind. For a more in-depth look on how to perform these ancient healing practices as well as plants that are used, check out the video, Devi Hydrotherapy: Self care practices to cleanse, tone, heal and strengthen the Body Temple of the Divine Feminine.