When we inhale a molecule of an aromatic plant, its unique phytochemical make-up and vibrational hallmark is transported via the nasal passages to the limbic system. Our limbic system, also called the paleomammalian brain, functions as our memory storehouse and helps to regulate our bio-rhythms, which reflect the greater movements of Nature and govern our internal cycles including sleep patterns, fertility and menses as well as mood, hormone and emotional fluctuations. This explains the connection between aroma and memory or the ability of smell to influence and evoke distinct sensations. Aromatherapy has a direct influence on how we feel physically, mentally and emotionally. Our body also receives and perceives information through the skin. The skin acts as an intermediary, a permeable sheath that filters information from the external environment to the internal. It is the skin’s innate quality of permeability that allows the multi-faceted health-giving properties of our plant-based aromatic preparations to be absorbed transdermally.

Through the processes of absorption and inhalation, each Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals aromatic creation imparts its unique botanical signature, assisting in synchronizing our unique bio-rhythms to the macro-rhythms of Nature, yielding health and balance.
Our luscious aromatic products are made with the purest botanical extracts and essential oils found on the planet. We are certain of this, because we distill most of them ourselves from plants, trees, roots and flowers emerging from the pristine depths of the Amazonian jungles. Many of these oils are quite rare and the few that we do not distill ourselves, we personally source from small distilleries around the world that share our values of purity and sustainability. We hand blend each product according to both Ayurvedic principles and ancient shamanic traditions to influence all aspects of our being, from the physical to vibrational. Our ever-expanding aromatic line currently includes signature botanical perfumes, traditionally prepared herbalized massage oils known to Ayurveda as tailams, essential oils, healing resins, skin butters, serums, incense, Vibrational Aromatherapy sprays and Flor Essence, our customized aromatic flower essence blends.

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