Flower Essences

Flower essences have been a part of humanity’s collective holistic medicinal repertoire since time immemorial. They have been known to many ancient cultures as a practical means of recalibrating our bio-energetic circuitry to align more harmoniously with that of the natural world. If beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, only observation is required to perceive the sheer magnificence of flowers. Flowers represent the culminating beauty, grace, strength, refinement and intelligence of a plant. They are the site of pollination and reproduction, containing within them the information of the potential for their entire species. A flower essence is the energetic signature of a particular botanical, an imprint of its genetic and vibrational codes, channeled through the symbiotic interfacing of the elemental frequencies of light and water. They also contain the collective memories of the entire morphogenetic field in which they are grown.

Flower essences from Amazonia reflect the information of the pristine wilderness where they grow. Rather than addressing emotional or mental imbalances as is the forte of other flower essences, Amazonian flower essences collectively transmit the frequency of Source Consciousness reflected in the dynamic symmetry of the living matrix of the jungle. They are manifesting on the planet at this time to assist humanity in the remembrance of its Divine heritage, to recognize and disassociate from a fear-based paradigm and to awaken and activate the human hologram. They assist us in remembering our place in the macrocosm so we may function as a symbiotic part of the greater whole.

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