Qori Inti hydrosols are produced from steam distilling sustainably wild-harvested plant material - herbs, leaves, roots and flowers of the Peruvian rainforest. Through the distillation process, the aromatic molecules as well as the vibrational and therapeutic imprint of the botanical material become infused and suspended within the liquid crystalline matrix of pure water. Hydrosols are a bio-compatable and beneficial medium, symbiotic to our own inherent aqueous structure. Hydrosols have similar healing properties to essential oils and can be used in a myriad of ways not recommended for most essential oils, such as application to the face and skin, taken internally in small quantities or for use with animals and small children. Unlike many flower waters on the market, which are actually just essential oils added to water thus diluting the therapeutic benefits of the oil, a true hydrosol is distilled and retains the beneficial medicinal components that each plant has to offer, in a soothing and gentle form. Keep hydrosols in a dark and cool place or refrigerate to preserve shelf life.

Our hydrosols are available in 50 ml. and 500 ml. refill sizes. We package our 50 ml. hydrosols in violet Miron glass bottles, which function as a form of natural preservation.

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