Eco Village

Yacumaman Eco Village is nestled on a vibrant green precipice between the beautiful backdrop of Cerro Escalera National Forest and the sleepy Amazonian metropolis of Tarapoto. It provides beauty and connection to Nature with the convenience of close proximity to what a city can offer. Based on a synthesis of ethical, spiritual and ecological principles, Yacumaman Eco-Village offers luxury rustic dwellings in the heart of the upper Peruvian Amazon. Surrounded by flowers, hummingbirds and a panoramic view of the jungle-covered mountains on 4 acres of reforested land are 10 different structures, each uniquely and impeccably designed and built by local craftsmen from salvaged, local and mostly sustainable building materials. We offer retreats, yoga classes, events and open house throughout the year as well as accommodations and rental of our center. If you wish to join one of our programs, are looking for a beautiful space to spend your time while exploring the surrounding rainforest or the perfect place to bring a group while considering a retreat in Amazonia, please email for availability and rates.