Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals

The lush, pristine landscapes of Amazonian jungles and rivers emanate a palpable vibrancy and potency. The medicinal plants that grow in this region emit vital energy and possess special abilities to address multiple levels of our being simultaneously. Harnessing this life-giving force of Nature is crucial to rejuvenating and restoring radiant health on all stratums of the human organism- physical, mental, emotional and vibrational. Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals is committed to being the premier source for sustainable Amazonian botanical products of the highest caliber. Our raw materials are selected with meticulous care to assure an optimal therapeutic effect in our final product. We consider principles of biodynamics in our cultivation and employ sustainable techniques in all of our wildharvesting endeavors. Our products are developed by phyto-visionary Aubrey Bamdad, who applies a unique perspective through the fusion of Ayurvedic formulation principles and knowledge steeped in Amazonian ethnobotany. All our products are crafted with precision and care, in small artisanal batches at The Jungle Lab, our Amazonian facility located in Tarapoto, Peru. Producing here in the heart of the Amazon enables us to process our raw materials within days of harvesting, which preserves their active constituents and life force energy. We provide competative salaries to all our employees and have established Qori Inti Dharma Projects: our efforts to enhance the quality of life in our local community. At Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals, we are firmly dedicated to lighting the path to radiant health and to building a better world as a result.

What sustainable wildharvesting means to us:

We believe that Nature provides Her bounty for our benefit and nourishment. However, there is a vast difference between taking only what is needed and overharvesting. It is our experience that materials, which have been harvested in an ethical or sustainable manner, have a profoundly greater therapeutic effect than if they had been harvested by machines or in massive quantity. The Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals wildharvesting team is trained to expertly identify medicinal plants and trees in their wild habitat as well as to know when and how to extract materials without putting pressure on the species. Once we harvest from particular plants or trees, we leave them to rest for a period of time to recuperate their strength before harvesting from them again. We apply biodynamic principles to our wildharvesting missions to assure the most bountiful and potent material goes into our products and we contribute to reforesting projects whenever is possible. We are confident that you will feel the difference.

Eco-Packaging & the quality of our products

We choose to package our elixirs and hydrosols in high quality miron violet glass bottles. Violet glass functions as a form of natural preservation. It helps extend the shelf life of our products by substantially filtering against light influences and optimally maintaining the bio-energetic and therapeutic integrity of each bottle’s contents.