Qori Inti Dharma Projects

Dionisio Santos, director of Qori Inti Dharma Projects is a socially conscious entrepreneur that single-handedly developed a system of micro-lending with zero interest to the indigenous population in San Martin. The loans are mainly given to people who would not qualify for them at banks and are enabling many people to buy land, build houses, receive medical care and send their children to school. Through the Dharma Projects program, Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals is able to employ indigenous families with living wages and provide health-care benefits, teach and utilize sustainable agriculture and enable people to improve their way of life without sacrificing their traditional beliefs and customs.

This is Tricia on the left. She is a 14 year old indigenous Lamista teen. Tricia's parents allowed her to leave their small farm when she was 12 to go to Lima to work. A few months ago, she called her parents to tell them she had met someone and was getting married. This man, more than twice her age, swept her off her feet with promises of a life with no worries, being treated like a queen. She soon found out that she had been caught in a web of lies. She was beaten, lied to and kept isolated. She unknowingly found herself caught up in Peru's dark underbelly of child trafficking, being groomed for a life of prostitution. Her parents came to us for help. After two tries, we were able to finally extract her and bring her home to reunite with her family. Here she is on my terrace with her younger cousin, preparing a floral bath for a Pancha Karma patient.