Rasa Casas

Rasa Casa 1

A two-story, palm-roofed 400 square foot structure with 3 ample bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room and a large terrace. Like all the structures here, it is airy and light-filled, with many windows imparting views of the verdant greenery outside. There are many beautiful wood details including the staircase and entire second floor. The master bedroom, called the Sunrise room for its magnificent views of the rising sun, is a large well-light open space that has a 180' view of the valley of Tarapoto. It would be perfect to use as an art studio or for yoga or dance. Each bedroom is equipped with a handcrafted wooden armoire.

Rasa Casa 2

A two-story, palm-roofed, 350 square foot, oval structure. The second floor is an open loft with wood floors, cane and exposed wood beam ceiling and 180’ views of the valley of Tarapoto, an inviting space for a couple, hence its name, the Bird’s Nest. The first floor has two bathrooms and an open space with plenty of windows revealing the garden outside. There is a large terrace, which connects the rest of the house to the kitchen.

Rasa Casa 3

A 210 square foot, jack-and-jill style ranch with two bedrooms, connected by a bathroom . There is a large wooden terrace, which connects the rest of the house to the kitchen. It has one of the best views at Yacumaman Eco-Village.

Rasa Casa 4

A 135 square foot, light-filled studio with a kitchen, living space, bathroom and nice-sized room for sleeping and relaxing which is separated from the rest of the house by two wooden Japanese zen-inspired sliding doors. There is also a big terrace for plants and hammocks. Perfect for a couple or individual.