Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic and Vedic Studies

Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic and Vedic Studies is a glistening green jewel set upon a hillside overlooking the city of Tarapoto and next to the national forest, Cerro Escalera. Yacumaman is mandala of activity, study and contemplation: part ethnobotanical garden, part eco-village, part center for shamanic and Vedic studies, part reforestation project as well as the base for Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals. It is the main hub for all our Amazonian AYA retreat programs. The Qori Inti apothecary, Jungle Lab, Rasa Casas, Shambhu Tambo and the temple of Graha Shanti are all located here. The temple of Graha Shanti is our interpretation of a maloca- a traditional Amazonian structure used for shamanic ceremonies. It is round with a vaulted palm roof that rises eighty feet vertically and highlights spectacular views of the surrounding jungle covered mountain range. There are planetary yantras set into the walls and a pair of carved cedar doors with the Sri Yantra on them. We use it for our sessions- yoga, meditation and plant medicine. The Rasa Casas and Shambhu Tambo are the beautiful, sustainable living structures that compose our eco-village. Yacumaman as well as the Qori Inti apothecary and Jungle Lab are open to visitors by appointment. Please send an email to: info@qoriintiherbals.com