Yacumaman Healing Sanctuary and Retreat center

Shambhu Tambo ~ The hut of Shiva

The design continuity which pervades all the edifices in the eco-village is sustainabilty and connection to the natural environment. This theme holds true more than ever in Yacumaman’s newest structure, a handcrafted, three story 1500 square foot healing sanctuary and retreat center. Descending down two landscaped footpaths lead to entrances on either side of the structure which highlight antique, restored, salvaged wooden doors, graced with tiles containing beautiful handpainted yantras and vedic motifs. Upon entering the main floor, one breathes in light as the entire front wall is covered in windows bathing the space in eastern solar exposure. A large communal dining table is situated in front of this wall of light, which spills out onto a terrace, shaded by edemic trees. The flooring, a mandala of hundreds of round river stones sustainably harvested from the Huallaga river, gives a distinct tactile sensation of walking on an Amazonian river bottom. There are various window seats where one can rest while glimpsing the sun rise over the mountains and unique architechtural details such as boulders penetrating the walls, connecting the external and internal environs and cut out windows which peek into the rock matrix behind the structure. The kitchen is ample and well-equipped, allowing space for up to 10 people to move about comfortably. It is an ideal venue for preparing large community dinners or to give a workshop in nutrition or food preparation. There are four suites on the second floor, each one leading into a space of profound tranquility, ideal for introspection and rejuvenation. The large picture windows of each suite look onto the verdant garden or onto a magnificent jungle-covered mountain vista. The washroom in each suite echoes the elements of the natural world- minimalist grey tiling reflect the river stone flooring to impart a spa-like quality. Bathing becomes elevated to meditation in the shower area. Watch the sun or moon rise over the mountains through apertures while standing on river stones, water coursing over your body, simulating a waterfall experience. Each suite has its own loft built into it. A handcrafted wooden staircase leads you to another level where quinilla handpolished wood floors and exposed beam cane ceilings come together with giant picture windows, providing the grandest view in the house and an ideal space for yoga, meditation, artmaking or simply deepening into the art of being.

Hampi Yacu Wasi ~ The House of the Healing Waters

Coming soon.

The temple of Graha Shanti

Our interpretation of a maloca- a traditional Amazonian structure used for shamanic ceremonies. The temple is round and open-aired, 30 feet in diameter and spiraling upward to an 80 foot tall palm roof. Drawn from inspiration of jyotish, the vedic science of astrology, this is a temple dedicated to planetary peace and the Goddess. There are planetary and mahavidya yantras embedded in every wall, in the direction aligned to each particular planet or mahavidya goddess. A pair of carved cedar doors with the Sri Yantra graces the entrance to the temple. On the temple landing, sits a large black tektite encanto, a stone with a specific natural form that is used as a magnetic and healing vector in shamanism. This sacred space is used for our sessions and ceremonies - yoga, meditation, study and plant medicine.

Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals Jungle Lab & Apothecary

From the forests and dreamland, this is where all the Qori Inti magic takes form. Situated amid 4 acres of beautifully sculpted tropical gardens, all the product formulation happens right here, from the experimental to the classics like Shaman’s Aura spray and 7 Roots elixir. Plants, flowers, roots and leaves wildharvested from the nearby jungle or from our own organic gardens don’t need to travel far from their native soil before making their transformation into potent botanical medicine. Our apothecary is where we are able to offer the rarest of Amazonian medicinal jewels, many of which don’t make an appearance in any of our other lines. Small, precisely crafted batches of limited edition aromatic and medicinal formulas can be procured here. Whether a distillation, single plant preparation, a compounded formula, custom blend, or vibrational remedy, each preparation is hand-processed is in this serene space, with views of fertile greenery just a glance outside.