Alchemy Drops

From our line of Shamanic Embryonic Plant Stem Cell Therapy comes Alchemy Drops, a synergistic blend of botanical shamanic wisdom from the Amazon. Our gemmos are triple extracted in 3 different menstruum. To this we have added the vibrational dimension of the plant’s energetic signature in the form of its floral essence. Amazonian gemmo essences contain all the genetic phytochemical information from all parts of the future plant in their embryonic stage of growth. Different parts of the same plant possess different actions, effects and expressions. In a gemmo essence, all the total possible phytochemical compositions, therapeutic actions and genetic information come together synergistically to yield a more full spectrum expression of a plant’s potential and wisdom. We are pioneering the field of phytotherapy by introducing the original Amazonian master plant gemmos.

Beautifully packaged in a 5 ml. amber glass bottle with orifice reducer.

Price: $33.00



Alchemy Drops are an effective tool for deep cellular rejuvenation and activation of genetic master switches for consciousness expansion. Through gentle, broad spectrum cleansing action, Alchemy Drops help eradicate old, unwanted patterning through the sense portals and allow us to tap into ancient collective memory banks and access deeply embedded archetypal intelligence.


All ingredients grown organic or wildcrafted with reverence for Gaia.
Alchemy Drops should be taken between meals, 2-3 times daily. To achieve optimum results, place 2-3 drops on or under the tongue and hold macerate in the mouth for a few seconds before swallowing.

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