Amachay, Ajo Sacha herbal elixir

AMACHAY literally means to defend or protect in the Quechua language. Ajo Sacha is the botanical manifestation of this concept, with its tri-fold functionality as an immune protecting, modulating & stimulating herb. Traditionally its been used by Amazonian hunters to help refine & sharpen the senses.

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* Supports respiratory health * Aids in reducing excess heat from the body * Stimulates proper immune function * Enhances sensory response
Ajo Sacha is a go-to remedy for cold, cough and flu. Despite its heating virya and shamanic association with the fire element, its prabhava makes it a potent fever reducer. Its anti-tussive properties align it to pranavaha srotas, abating cough and clearing ama from the respiratory channels in the form of mucous and phelgm. In addition, it can be considered to encourage ojas vriddhi for its ability to stimulate and modulate proper immune response. In a more subtle level, ajo sacha is a complimentary tool to any serious yoga practice. Ajo Sacha encourages the proper use of senses, therefore making it a perfect tool to accompany the practice of mauna or to deepen into a the understanding and embodiment of pratyahara. Ajo sacha harmonizes, refines and attunes the senses and is quite helpful when integrated into a vision quest, silent retreat or any kind of process involving sense fasting.


Ajo Sacha roots (Mansoa alliacea), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * When in the thick of a cold or flu * When feeling mentally foggy * When feeling vulnerable

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