Amazonian Spagyric Hybridized Essences

For the first time ever, through the ancient art of alchemy, Amazonian botanicals are available in a perfected and potent vibrational form known as Spagyrics.

Spagyrics is a term first coined by Paracelsus to refer to the Alchemical Work within the Plant Kingdom.  Our hybridized spagyric essences perfectly integrate the body of each plant with its spirit and soul, represented through the process of purifying and recombining the plant's salt, mercury and sulphur. 

These essences represent our most holistically complete line to date. 

The salt of a plant relates to its physicality, expressed through its minerals, alkaloids, and structural elements, as well as the physical effect it has on the body once consumed. 

The mercury of a plant correlates to the astral realm and addresses spiritual imbalances that affect the life force.  It acts primarily on the mental/emotional level of our being. 

The sulphur of a plant is its most essential aspect, representing its soul.  Its effects manifest on the causal level.  On the causal plane, a remedy has the power to invoke the archetypal energies of the planet under which the plant is governed and render its effects on the most essential, unchanging, archetypal aspects of ourselves, the soul.

These unique remedies were created as a multifaceted botanical tool kit for practitioners of the healing arts, astrologers and spiritual students seeking to access higher vibrational frequencies within themselves and embody their divine, archetypal essence more fully. 

Unlike our other remedies, these philosophic essences were designed be used in an initiatic context to align, recalibrate and upgrade to more subtle frequencies.  Each remedy attunes to a different planetary archetype. 

Packaged in 5 ml amber glass and a gorgeous, hand-crafted Shipibo embroidered pouch that can be reused again and again. The set includes 7 of the following 9 essences (please specify which 7 you prefer in the comments section upon checkout):

Sun: Sunday: Camu camu

Moon: Monday: Bobinsana

Mars: Tuesday: Ajo Sacha

Mars: Tuesday: Jergon Sacha

Mercury: Wednesday: Sacred leaf of the Incas

Jupiter: Thursday: Cacao

Venus: Friday: Abuta

Venus: Friday: Coffeeberry

Saturn: Saturday: Chuchuhuasi



To benefit from the initiatic aspects of these plants, we suggest working with one each day, for 7 days, over the course of an entire year. To work with the essences on this level, take 1-3 drops (start at 1 drop and increase dosage incrementally over time) at sunrise, of the essence that correlates to the planet ruling that specific day of the week. After imbibing, take some time to focus inward, through meditation, breathwork, chi gong, yoga or other similar practice before going about your mundane activities.

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