Bellaco Caspi flower essence

Element ~ Water

Key words ~ Vibrational lubrication

Bellaco Caspi imparts a strong lunar energy. It is the floral embodiment of Soma, the vedic principle of cosmic bliss or the ocean of nectar, represented by the moon’s watery qualities: cooling, nourishing, calming, moistening, tonifying. Bellaco Caspi essence helps us to protect ourselves from vibrational radiation and EMF while aiding us in understanding that we are stewards of the gene pool and it is our duty to protect and insure the health and strength of the DNA we will pass on, as it contains the heritage of our species. The lunar energy of the Bellaco Caspi flower cools vibrational radiation and the heat of the subconscious mind, allowing our inner process of revitalization to emerge.

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Himatanthus sucuuba flowers, artesian spring water & alcohol.
Shake well before using. Take 4 drops sublingually, 4 times daily until bottle is finished for addressing acute issues or add 20 drops to your hydration vessel and drink copiously throughout the day for broad spectrum vibrational effect.

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