Bobinsana flower essence

Element ~ Water

Key words ~ Strength through Flexibility & Permeability

The essence of the Bobinsana flower helps us to remain firm and solid, even while the ground beneath us seems to dissolve. Bobinsana can provide vital assistance for Self-maintenance through the eminent shifting times ahead by showing us that flexibility on all levels is critical for surviving the ebb and flow of life’s cosmic river. Bobinsana teaches that by embodying fluidity, life’s complications will slide off easier, allowing the glistening, sparkling Self to shine through. This is an essence of transformation and is a profoundly helpful to use during transition times, such as birthing and dying, where one desires to maintain consciousness of the process being experienced.

Price: $12.00





Calliandra angustifolia flowers, artesian spring water & alcohol.
Shake well before using. Take 4 drops sublingually, 4 times daily until bottle is finished for addressing acute issues or add 20 drops to your hydration vessel and drink copiously throughout the day for broad spectrum vibrational effect.

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