Cacao Trilogy Body Whip

We like to keep it simple.

That’s why we call this Cacao Trilogy. Three different botanical preparations of theobroma synergize in one body whip to create decadent emollient nutrition for your skin. It smells as good as it feels. If your precious dermal mantle could use some serious loving, this is as good as it gets. Amazing on tough spots: elbows, knees and heels. Pure indulgence on the tender parts: nipples, lips, bums and hips. They don’t call it “food of the gods” for nothing.

All organic. Created with love, mantra and intention in the Peruvian Amazon.

50 ml.  Packaged in miron violet glass.

Price: $33.00


• Emollient • Energizing • Excellent general tonic for overall skin health • Protects from environmental toxins. Helps to repair and resist damage caused by free radicals. • Nutritive • Superior source of bio-available magnesium, which is best absorbed dermally • Greatly enhances mood & overall sense of wellbeing by the release of certain neurotransmitters including: • ENDORPHINS- natural pain relief and helps to produce a pleasurable feeling • ANANDAMIDE- Known as the “Bliss Chemical” because it is released by the brain when we feel happy • SEROTONIN- Acts as an antidepressant, promotes an overall sense of well-being • PHENYLETHYLAMINE- Acts as a mild mood elevator & an anti-depressant.


INGREDIENTS: Amazonian fair trade cacao butter, locally grown cacao infused coconut oil, essential oils of cacao absolute, nutmeg and vanilla CO2.

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