Chacruna flower essence

Element ~Fire

Key words ~ Unified Field of Inner Vision

The flower essence of Psychotria viridis assists us in translating solar codes, which may otherwise be imperceptible or unrecognizable to the human bio-computer. When accessed and integrated, these subtle codes of information from the sun, in the form of light, enable us to magnify our spectrum of sensation, utilizing our senses in a more coherent and unified way. Thus permitting us to perceive the world from a more complete and expanded viewpoint.

Price: $12.00





Psychotria viridis flowers, artesian spring water & alcohol.
Shake well before using. Take 4 drops sublingually, 4 times daily until bottle is finished for addressing acute issues or add 20 drops to your hydration vessel and drink copiously throughout the day for broad spectrum vibrational effect.

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