Clavo huasca hydrosol

Clavo huasca ("clove vine" in Quechua) has a wonderful clove-like scent that imparts a rejuvenative effect on tired skin.



• Helps restore & increase sexual vitality • Renews the body & the mind • Helps regenerate cells & tissues
Clavo huasca has powerful rasayanic tendencies, with a particular affinity to rejuvenating twak (skin), shukra and arthava dhatus (male and female reproductive systems) and nourishes ojas (vitality.) It performs pachana karma (improves digestion and settles an upset stomach) and pacifies Vata and Kapha through its warming and stimulating qualities.


INGREDIENTS: Steam distilled clavo huasca (Tynanthus panurensis) bark.
Close eyes. Spray liberally on face, neck and any other area in need of refreshment and clarity. For 101 specific ways in which hydrosols can be utilized therapeutically, please sign up for our mailing list and you will receive this valuable information directly in your inbox.

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