Cumaseba hydrosol

The bark of Cumaseba, a large rainforest canopy tree, is highly nutritious (contains many flavonoids and isoflavones) and medicinal (antimicrobial, anticandidal, tonic, anti-rheumatic, aphrodisiac and endocrine balancing.) On an energetic level, it is realigning to the chakras and koshas. Its scent is quite peculiar but pleasing, simultaneously soft and spicy.



* energetically balancing * antimicrobial * anticandidal * tonic * anti-rheumatic * aphrodisiac * endocrine balancing


Steam distilled Cumaseba (Swartzia polyphylla) bark.
Close eyes. Spray liberally on face, neck and any other area in need of refreshment and clarity. For 101 specific ways in which hydrosols can be utilized therapeutically, please sign up for our mailing list and you will receive this valuable information directly in your inbox.


Received the Turmeric hydrosol, it's the real deal…and thanks so much for the samples of hydrosols, they are glorious. The Palo Santo is the best I've smelled, and the Cumaseba is lovely…i'll go check it out on your website, I would love to get herbals too.

Warm pranams. – Evan, skin care formulator, founder of Evan Healy skincare, CA

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