Holy Cacao herbal elixir

The darling of modern superfoods, cacao, makes its debut as a euphoria-enhancing, energizing and nutritive tonic elixir. Our Holy Cacao! elixir created from organic, forest-grown, heirloom cacao and locally grown in San Martin, Peru, from farmers paid living wages, is raw and minimally processed. We use a dual extraction method to obtain both the lipophilic and hydrophilic aspects of the cacao, yielding a final product that offers a more complete holistic expression of the botanical. Widely lauded for its gamut of therapeutic effects and the shining star of the chocolate bar, it's no wonder why everyone loves cacao. Cacao contains fat, sugars, carbohydrates and protein, which are partly what makes it such a complete superfood -- its energy content is high, 18500 kj/kg (2000 kcal/lb). It also contains high levels of fiber, B vitamins and anti-oxidant-like substances (like catechin, phenols, polyphenols) and is a great source of flavonoids. In fact, cacao has more antioxidant activity than any food tested so far, including blueberries, red wine, and black and green teas.



• Energizing • Excellent general tonic • Protects from environmental & metabolic toxins. Helps to repair and resist damage caused by free radicals. • Nutritive, emollient, diuretic • Superior source of bio-available magnesium • Promotes cardiovascular health (vasodilator) and increases oxygenation of body tissues • Greatly enhances mood & overall sense of wellbeing by the release of certain neurotransmitters including: • ENDORPHINS- natural pain relief and helps to produce a pleasurable feeling • ANANDAMIDE- Known as the “Bliss Chemical” because it is released by the brain when we feel happy • SEROTONIN- Acts as an antidepressant, promotes an overall sense of well-being • PHENYLETHYLAMINE- Acts as a mild mood elevator & an anti-depressant. Also helps increase focus and alertness.
Ayurveda typically views chocolate as an ama (toxin) producing substance that can potentially aggravate all 3 doshas when taken in excess because of the inclusion of white sugar. However, Holy Cacao is made from raw cacao; the pure, unadulterated bean pod of the Theobroma cacao fruit. Its primary rasa (taste) is bitter. It has a heating effect on the body and a pungent post-digestive effect. Cacao possesses a stimulating potential for the mind and body. It contains neurotransmitter-modulating agents that act as natural antidepressants. The neurotransmitter-modulating properties of cacao allow substances like serotonin to remain in our bloodstream for more time, producing an overall sense of wellbeing and contentment. It acts on Tarpaka Kapha, the subdosha that governs calmness, happiness and stability. Perhaps this is why chocolate has been a go-to food for menstruating women as well for many during times of emotional fluctuations. Cacao can be considered a Medhya rasayana or mind-rejuvenating tonic.


Heirloom cacao seed (Theobroma cacao), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * For a mental and emotional pick-me-up * Assists in relief of symptoms associated with PMS * As a general body/mind tonic with an emphasis on the kidneys, muscles, heart

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