Incantation Botanical Perfume

A blue-hued, divinely brewed anointing oil worthy enough of even Nila Kantha, blue-throated Shiva. If unencumbering your innermost expression or attuning your song voice is your goal , this aromatic botanical tool was designed for you. Relates to the throat chakra as well as the organs, systems and glands that specific chakra reigns over.

Beautifully packaged in a 10 ml Miron violet glass roll on.

Out of stock.





Essential oils of blue tansy, cape chamomile, tulsi, rosewood and lavender, flower essences of Shimipampana and Patiquina, gem essence of celestite & HAM bija mantra infused in a base of concentrated lipid extracts of tulsi and blue-green algae and handpounded artisanal coconut oil.
Anoint chakras and related marma points.

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