INTI Botanical Perfume

The word INTI comes from the ancient Quechua language of the Andean Highlands. It translates to “sun” and refers to a culture that worshipped the sun as the source of all life. The Incan people considered themselves to be the “children of the sun.” All living things on this planet depend on the sun for sustenance. Without the constant rising of the sun everyday, we would lack the energy needed for survival. The synergistic blend of essential oils and gem essences in INTI botanical perfume are formulated to enhance our conductivity of solar energies during this particular time in space.

Turmeric encourages optimal intra and extra cellular communication, strengthening our own electromagnetic field through its potent antioxidant effects. Sandalwood stimulates the pineal, considered the master gland, in turn having a strengthening effect on the whole endocrine system. Cistus, or Rock Rose, is an integral ingredient of Bach Rescue Remedy, particularly for its anxiolytic (antipanic or antianxiety) property. On an energetic level, it helps us to integrate and assimilate the influx of cosmic vibrations without falling into a state of panic or reverting to a place of fear.
Heliodor evokes the essence of golden light, radiating the warmth and power of solar vibrations. It stimulates the higher mind and enables the brain to function more efficiently. Tangerine quartz augments one's emotional fortitude, enabling one to feel more calmly detached instead of panicky or upset. It facilitates the flow of giving and receiving, and can bring a sense of expansiveness to interpersonal relationships.

INTI botanical perfume is a potent tool for activating and refining our innate ability as a super conductor of the flow of cosmic information in the form of electromagnetic impulses.

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* encourages optimal intra and extra cellular communication * strengthens our electromagnetic field * endocrine balancing * helps reduce anxiety * evokes solar vibrations


Ingredients: 100% Amazonian Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Indian Sandalwood (Santanum album), Portuguese Cistus (Cistus ladaniferus) essential oils in a base of coconut oil*, brazil nut oil*, aguaje oil*, andiroba oil*, mango nut oil*, passion fruit oil*, copaiba oil* & gem essences of heliodor & tangerine quartz. * Sustainably wild-harvested in Amazonia.
Apply to pulse points, chakras & marmas. Specifically, it can be applied to talahrdya marma at the center of the palms. Massage in a clockwise motion. Hold palms up to the rising sun and take in the solar radiance through these life-maintaining portals.


Aubrey! Zanne brought me my jungle perfume! Though I have made many perfumes for other people I have never had the pleasure of receiving my own custom blend....what a lovely gift :) The Palo Santo is balanced perfectly with the notes of mint and licorice, and the vetiver is smooth, smokey and dosed just right. It is magical to be able to wear a part of the Amazon biome on my wrists and makes me feel like I can walk through doorways otherwise closed. Thank you so much....I am with you in the ethers!

Jessica Ring, Portland, OR

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