Otorongo, Chuchuwasi herbal elixir

The bark of the Chuchuwasi tree imparts strength, fortitude and endurance on multiple levels ~ physical, mental, emotional and vibrational. This elixir shares qualities with the OTORONGO or jaguar, one of the Amazon jungle's most powerful creatures; hence, it bears its namesake. Traditionally, Chuchuwasi is most commonly used for treating arthritis, rheumatic conditions and other pain conditions in the body such as back pain, general inflammation, tumors, as well as a muscle relaxant and aphrodisiac.

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* Promotes healthy joint function * Supports relaxation of muscles * Encourages healthy inflammatory response * Aids in pain relief
Chuchuwasi is an asthi dhatu rejuvenator par excellence due to it's strengthening and fortifying of the bone tissue. It promotes flexibility of the joints, thereby pacifying Shleshaka Kapha and makes this an ideal tonic for practitioners of yoga and for those healing from injuries to the bone and joints as well as those prone to injury in those areas. It promotes ojas and jing, respectively relating to our innate immunity and vital essence. Energetically, it relates to the spiritual/energetic spine or sushumna, the central channel.


Chuchuwasi bark (Maytenus macrocarpa), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * When feeling pain in the joints or back * When experiencing muscle tension or contraction * When feeling difficulty in committing or making decisions


Your products have been calling to me from the shelf of our local health food store for months and finally this week purchased the Otorongo elixer to try.

Feedback so far: Immediate energetic shift! A feeling of energy expanding out and around me creating kind of a bubble and seeming to carry tensions out with it. Comfortable within my space.

Thank you for making these herbs available! I'm curious to see what this one does over time and to try others.

Laurel Thomsen

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