PACHA: A Botanical Perfume Composed for Mother Jungle

An aromatic love letter composed of roots and shoots, seeds, leaves, flowers and fruits. 

The Amazon jungle is a living matrix, where aromatic medicines synergize, coalesce, intermingle and wed in the moist, humid air like glorious notes of a divine symphony coming together in perfect harmony, structure and balance.  The deep red shade of this botanical perfume-song is reminiscent of torch ginger flowers, sunrises and pink river dolphins.  Its scent was composed to olfactorily illustrate the brief moment of walking in the understory and catching a whiff of the most intricate, complex and heady fragrance of a rare flower hidden within the canopy, mixed with the deep earthy notes of decomposing plant matter underfoot. A no-to-be-missed limited edition Qori Inti gem.

10 ml

Packaged in a sleek silver atomizer perfect for tossing in a bag and taking on the go.

Price: $39.00





Extracts of Yawar Piri Piri, balsam de Peru, vetivert, neroli, vanilla, matico, rosewood, and stone essence of Apu Ausangate meteorites.
A quick spritz on chest, neck, hair, pulse points or anywhere, is sure to transport you into a realm of ethereal plant paradise.

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