Queen of Flowers Rose Trinity Set

Aromatic & Vibrational. We have taken our Rose formulations to a new level this year, creating them from the highest caliber of the world's rarest botanical ingredients. The 2012 Rose trinity kits are here for a limited time only! 3 exceptional products deliver full spectrum rose nutrition.

Rose vibrates at the highest vibrational frequency (352 MHz.) of any plant or flower on earth. Rose, the Queen of Flowers, represents the essence of purity, innocence, and sattvic qualities. Rose is somagenic, meaning it relates to the moon or soma and is cooling, calming and nourishing. Rose has renowned powers as a sexual rejuvenator and aphrodisiac. Ayurveda considers it to be tridoshic, balancing to the mind, heart and senses. Rose opens the heart at an energetic level and is useful for its anti-inflammatory, calmative and anti-depressant qualities. It promotes serenity, equanimity and uplifts the spirit.

Our triple extraction Rose elixir (2 oz.) works on physical, emotional & vibrational levels. Our traditional Ayurvedic tailam (2 oz.), prepared from rose and Camu Camu berries and scented with a divine synthesis of Jasmine & Mandarin is food for your skin. The Rose Transdermal Serum (10 ml.) is formulated from rare, emollient Amazonian nut and seed oils and lightly scented with pure Rose Attar. This serum is designed with your most delicate parts in mind. Use as a facial oil or for breast and perineal massage. All 3 contain Amma's Rose flower essences. If you are a connoisseur of the rose, the Rose Trinity kit is an absolute must-have.

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* Anti-inflammatory * cooling * calming * nourishing to the mind and emotional heart * blood purifying * female reproductive health


Loving the Rose Elixirs. My daughter was visiting from Switzerland for Thanksgiving week and is now in NYC for 3 days before leaving to go back to Switzerland with her husband where she now resides. I had in a corner of my mind through this holiday week to message you a thank-you and to share a story. I hadn't seen my daughter Kristen, since June when she visited here in Cape May County in late spring. On this recent visit, she was sitting in our living room with her husband and I said, "Oh, I have a present for you." (I was giving her one of the bottles of the elixir and I had also decided to give each of my daughters the hydrosols that you sent along.) I was planning on giving Kristen the "aligning" hydrosol as she is traveling and I gave Erika the "clearing" as she tends to need that more, so thank you so much for enclosing them as well. Continuing on, Kristen jumped up and said "Oh, I have a present for you too!" The interesting junction of the story is that she had brought me a vial of Amma Rose ~ which is one of the ingredients in the rose elixir as I was gifting to her the Rose Elixir along with the hydrosol. A the third spoke of interest is Erika's friend had a photo of a Rose with some prose posted on her FB page, just a couple of days prior to my sharing the goodies with her. Maybe all coincidence, maybe all unfolding of family love and synchronicity... of which you had a part!

So yes, The Rose Elixir is the "bomb"... which brightens these last few days till solstice along with special stories and sharing.

I look forward to the arrival of the next two products as winter survival tools.
Namaste Aubrey.
Bobi Watson, Wildwood, NJ

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