Rose Attar essential oil

Rose is cooling, calming and nourishing. It vibrates at the highest vibrational frequency of any essential oil (352 MHz.)

Although Ayurveda generally considers it to be tridoshic, it is one of the best Pitta reducing botanicals especially when combined with Sandalwood. This makes Rose Attar an excellent ally for maintaining the mind and senses refreshed during the hot summer months. The fusion of Rose and Sandalwood in an attar work on Sadhak Pitta, the subdosha that dwells simultaneously in the grey matter of the brain and in the neurological cells of the heart. Rose opens the heart at an energetic level and is useful for its anti-inflammatory, calmative and anti-depressant qualities, while Sandalwood calms the mind and enhances meditative states of being. Together, they promote serenity, equanimity and uplift the spirit, bringing a sense of joy and peace to the wearer.

Rosa damascena petals, harvested after the summer's monsoon rains, are steam distilled into pure, ethically harvested Sandalwood oil (from heartwood), resulting in a highly refined and elegant fragrance. The sweetness of Rose, softened and rounded out by the silky smoothness of Sandalwood coalesce to create one of the world's most ancient and beloved fragrances.

May the devic presence in this attar calm your mind, while softening and expanding your heart.

1 dram

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* Anti-inflammatory * cooling * calming * nourishing to the mind and emotional heart * blood purifying * female reproductive health
Rose is probably one of the most sattvic substances known to humanity, meaning it harmonizes and balances, while imparting a sense of peace, wholeness and contentment. It contains 4 of the 6 rasas. According to Ayurveda, the more varied a substance is in taste, the more medicinal it is said to be. Rose is cooling energetically, which makes it beneficial for both physical and emotional inflammatory conditions. Rose, which relates to the heart, combined with Sandalwood, which has an affinity to the mind, yields a soothing, pacifying remedy to Sadhak Pitta.


Rose (Rosa damascena) petals steam distilled into a base of Sandalwood (Santalum album) oil.
Apply topically to pulse points, chakras (especially Anahata) and marmas.

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