Sachamama, Renequilla herbal elixir

Renequilla, the powerful herb featured in this formula, is traditionally considered by Amazonian healers to have an affinity to the human muscular system as it works to simultaneously relax, repair and rejuvenate depleted muscles. Renequilla, like the Banyan and most ficus species, is parasitical and will attach itself to a host tree for support, until it strangles its host and takes over its place. Renequilla's power of adhesion is well known among Amazonian shamans, who consider this the premier remedy for mending fractures, torn muscles, ligaments and tendons. This formula is named for the SACHAMAMA, the mythical giant anaconda of the Amazon, who like the Renequilla also possesses great powers of adhesion.

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* Promotes relief from sore and aching muscles * Supports relaxation of muscles * Helps improve muscle fatigue * Aids in maintaining normal muscular-skeletal structure & function
Renequilla can be considered a mamsa dhatu rasayana. It eliminates ama in the musculature that may occur from excess vata - especially as a result of injury or overexertion. Traditionally employed for its vulnerary properties in cases of fractures, sprains, strains and extreme bruising, where tendon and ligaments may be involved. Renequilla is a valid consideration for any mamsa bala chikitsa, or muscle strengthening and building regiment.


Renequilla bark (Clusea rosea ), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * After a difficult workout or when beginning a new exercise program * When healing from strains, sprains or bruising * When suffering from uncontrollable muscle cramping * To help increase flexibility in a yoga practice

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