Sadhak Botanical Perfume

For promoting the intelligence of the heart.

This Sanskrit word has a double, yet complimentary meaning. In the Vedic cosmovision, a sadhak is a person who aspires to the spiritual life. In Ayurvedic medicine, sadhak is one of the 5 sub-doshas of pitta. It is the only subdosha that dwells in two places simultaneously- the grey matter of the brain and in the neurological cells of the heart. Through the fire of pitta, sadhak transforms sensations into feelings and emotions. When sadhak is balanced, it governs knowledge and comprehension as well as the manifestation of love in the form of compassion, empathy and understanding. The Veda states that the heart is the seat of consciousness and that true intelligence emanates from this place, not the intellect.

Sadhak botanical perfume has been redesigned as a vibrational aromatic tool: still with a symphonious blend of our own Palo Santo essential oil, which works on calming the mind, enhancing focus and deepening meditative states, with Bulgarian Rosa damascena essential oil which is the optimal essential oil for nourishing the emotional heart and promoting serenity, equanimity and uplifting the spirit. Rose embodies the essence of soma and works on the shen. We’ve accented this blend with angelica root essential oil and rounded it out with the deep sweetness of vanilla, which gives the formula a soft, petaly, powdery feel. To give it a vibrational dimension, we’ve added a hand collected palette of entheogenic master flower essences: Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Datura, Coca, Ylang ylang, Reina de la Noche & Yacu Sisa. The perfect aromatic union of mind and heart.

Beautifully packaged in a 10 ml Miron violet glass roll on.

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Essential oils of rose, palo santo, angelica & vanilla, flower essences of ayahuasca, chacruna, datura, coca, ylang, Reina de la Noche & Yacu Sisa infused in a base of concentrated lipid extracts of rose and hand-pounded artisanal coconut oil. * All ingredients grown organic or wildcrafted with reverence for Gaia.
Anoint pulse points, marmas and chakras, especially heart and crown.


I completely love the Sadhak's so mysterious. I can't get the olfactory profile on it but it's sultry, warm, sexy, deep and delicious to me.

Tiziana, B. CA

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