Sandalwood essential oil

True Sandalwood oil may be one of the most precious substances on earth.

The essential oil distilled from the heartwood of the endangered Santalum album tree has been prized by yogis and maharajas since ancient times, for its profound effects on harmonizing the mind and subtle bodies, as well as enlivening the spirit.

Sandalwood is renown for its nervine, moisturizing, soothing and cooling properties. Ayurveda considers it to be an excellent Pitta reducing tonic. It helps to clarify the mind, awaken intelligence, and is often used as an aid in deepening meditative states of being.

Anointing oneself at the Ajna chakra before any pranayama, asana or meditation practice helps to soothe stress and nervous tension, uplift the mood and focus the mind toward the practice at hand, so the utmost spiritual benefit can be derived.

1 dram

Price: $65.00



* nervine * cooling to the body, mind and emotions * mind tonic * blood purifying
Sandalwood is primarily bitter in taste and cooling in virya. It has a profoundly cooling, calming and pacifying effect on both the body and the mind. This is Pitta pacification par excellence! Sandalwood is also considered a medhya rasayana because it is rejuvenating to the mind and enhances intelligence. A drop can be applied to the ajna chakra with the ring finger before meditation or sadhana to enhance centered and contemplative states of consciousness.


Steam distilled heartwood of Indian Santalum album.
Apply topically to pulse points, chakras (especially Ajna) and marmas.

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