Saumerio Amazonian Incense

(1 oz. tin) A blend of 7 sacred burnable herbs and resins from around the world. Our blend is constantly changing and evolving, reflecting the different places we visit and what aromatic botanical gems we are able to procure in an ethical and sustainable way. The blend you receive may include a combination of copal, white sage, sweet grass, oud, myrrh, pinon pine, Amazonian wild cinnamon, amber, frankincense, mapacho, sandalwood, cedar, guggulu, & palo santo. Cleansing, uplifting & protecting. For use in your home, office, treatment space or temple.

Price: $7.00



Place dirt or sand in a terracotta or heat-proof bowl. Place a natural incense charcoal on top of the sand and light. Once charcoal is lit, sprinkle a small amount of Saumerio incense on top. For more information, watch our video entitled, "Saumerio, the Art of Amazonian Aromatic & Energetic Abutions," available by signing up for our mailing list on the home page.

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