Shingada Nasya Serum

In Amazonia, shamen use specific combinations of plants administered through the nasal passages to affect states of consciousness. Our Shingada Nasya Serum is truly Ayurvedic Shamanic fusion phytotherapy. We use a proprietary blend of concentrated lipid extracts of 10 powerful Amazonian botanicals that have therapeutic and energetic effects on the cranial plexus region and added concentration-enhancing essential oils of lavender, tulsi, palo santo & rosemary and the vibrational dimension of handcrafted consciousness-expanding floral essences of coca, ayahuasca & mucura. Shingada Nasya Serum is part of our line of Transdermal Nutrient Intake Technology and can be considered a superfood supplement designed specifically to nourish the brain and enhance consciousness via the nasal passages.

Beautifully packaged in 10 ml. Miron violet glass with dropper.

Price: $14.00

Nasya therapy has many important benefits including: • Rejuvenates the tissues and organs of the head and neck • Promotes awareness, mental clarity and concentration • Enhances brain functioning and capacity • Eases cranial conditions as varied and seemingly unrelated as TMJ, migraines, hay fever, hearing loss, sinus congestion and neck pain.
Ayurveda considers the nasal passages to be the doorway to consciousness.


All ingredients grown organic or wildcrafted with reverence for Gaia.
Lie on a flat surface and tilt your head back. Bring the dropper close to the nose and administer 2-3 drops in each nostril. To avoid contamination, do not directly touch the tip of the dropper to the nose. Inhale deeply several times and gently massage the outside of the nasal passages to facilitate proper absorption.


<p>this Nasya serum is essential for the cold and dry months, or also if you fly a lot, as well for your regular sinus maintanance.&nbsp;</p>
<p>i like to use it in the morning to gently massage the insides of my nose with it. the massage action feels relaxing, and the oil itself feels slightly stimulating, great to sharpen the senses!&nbsp;</p>
<p>I am about to buy another bottle for my yoga teacher who suffers from spontaneous nosebleeds when it gets very dry.</p>

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