Sirenita, Bobinsana herbal elixir

We named our Bobinsana elixir SIRENITA, the mythical mermaid of the Amazon river, as it is associated with both the water element and the subtle realm of dreamscapes in the world of shamanism. The roots of the Bobinsana, which typically grows along the riverside of the lower jungles, fasten deep into the earth, while the upper parts remain resistant yet flexible to the movement and changing course of the river. Use of this remedy imparts subtle qualities of grounding and flexibility to the mind and aura of the user. On a physical level, Sirenita provides tonifying and gentle cleansing support to blood and lymph.

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* Purifying *Helps maintain normal lymphatic and circulatory system functions *Promotes strengthening of bodily tissues & systems *Supports mental stability *Traditionally used to facilitate dreamwork
Bobinsana is an ideal remedy for Vata vitiated individuals who desire the benefits of occasional cleansing without the unnecessary effects of many reducing herbs, which tend to aggravate vata dosha over time. Bobinsana has the unique ability to purify rasa and rakta dhatus of ama buildup while simultaneously providing tonic systemic support. A useful ally for aggravated vata individuals who tend towards being more ethereal and are in need of centering, grounding and getting their feet firmly planted on the earth.


Bobinsana stem (Calliandra angustifolia), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * to purify the body without weakening it through cleansing * when needing to "get your feet on the ground" * to encourage dream recall


I've been interested in the Amazonian plants for some time now, and
it's always difficult to find some of these medicines if you're not in
South America. In my medicine work, I've used Sirenita to stimulate
dreaming; I wasn't sure whether Qori Inti's tincture would have the
same effect as the plant itself, but I was amazed at the clarity and
vividness of my dreams and deeply grateful, as always, for the
teachings the plants share through them. The 7 Roots mixture was also
very effective; I felt clear, alert and energized after using it. I'm
excited to use the other products in my medicine path, and I'm
delighted that these plants are now so easily available and in such a
pure form, obviously created with deep love and gratitude for the
plantas maestras.

Thank you!

Michael, editor, Kailua, HI

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