Sol Food Serum

Recent research finally proves what ancient indigenous sun-worshipping cultures have always known, simply by observing Nature. All living things on this planet depend on the sun for sustenance, energy and elemental nutrition. Taking moderate, consistent doses of sun exposure is now considered not only to be beneficial for many vital functions like balancing circadian rhythms, fortifying the bones, skin and muscles and countering depression but necessary to achieve radiant health.

Sol Food serum, infused with the combined antioxidant prowess of coffee berry, turmeric, cacao and camu camu, is the perfect tool to anoint the skin, our main organ of interface with the life-giving mega-battery, the sun. It is recommended for use before and after all manner of sun therapy, to quench the skin and deliver regenerative information deep into the cells. Another integral piece in our line of Transdermal Nutrient Intake Technology, Sol Food serum smells like the finest dark chocolate truffle, with the vibrational dimension of handcrafted floral essences to increase our innate endurance and adaptability, while providing superior nutrition for the skin.

Beautifully packaged in a 50 ml. Miron violet glass.

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* Imparts radiance to skin health * Supreme antioxidant activity for the skin * Helps to balance circadian rhythms * Assists in fortifying the bones, skin and muscles * Beneficial in countering depression


Concentrated lipid extracts of coffee berry, cacao, camu camu & turmeric, hand-pounded artisanal coconut oil, infused with cacao absolute, bergamot, lavender, vanilla, clove & cardamom therapeutic grade essential oils & turmeric, kantuta, wild Andean passionflower & eucalyptus flower essences. * All ingredients grown organic or wild-crafted with reverence for Gaia.
Sol Food Serum can be used to massage the body as well as the face.


<p>I really like this serum. It feels really good on my face. I also like it on my body after a long day in the sun. Thanks!</p>

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