Tortuga Amazonian orchid essence

Element ~ Air

Key words ~ Acceptance Beyond Preference

Tortuga essence gently reminds us that there is no rush to arrive at any goal on the spiritual path. There is no point of arrival because there is no point of origin, from the perspective of the Eternal. Tortuga orchid reassures us that the only way to attain true peace is by surrendering to Divine Will and allowing ourselves to be absorbed completely within it. Tortuga essence shows us when we release attachment to personal desires and give in the flow of the Universe, we bear witness to Perfection unfolding.  This is the teaching of total surrender.

Price: $12.00





Cymbidium floribundum flowers, artesian spring water & alcohol.
Shake well before using. Take 4 drops sublingually, 4 times daily until bottle is finished for addressing acute issues or add 20 drops to your hydration vessel and drink copiously throughout the day for broad spectrum vibrational effect.

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