Turmeric flower essence

Element ~ Fire

Key Words ~ Live to Thrive, not just to Survive

At the core of our being is a limitless battery pack, where possibility knows no bounds. However, in our ongoing human exploits, we often become drained, uninspired, listless and depressed. At times, we lack the energy and drive to maintain even the most basic tasks. Yet, we know there exists more potential within us, which often seems frustratingly just out-of-reach. Turmeric flower essence assists us in plugging back into the infinite power of Source Consciousness. It helps in recalibrating our individual energetic field to become aligned with the boundless force of Divine Will. In this eternal place of pure unadulterated energy, action becomes effortless. We cease to survive in the realm of “do” and become elevated toward the realm of “flow”, where we were designed to operate from and optimally thrive in. With a mainline to our inner power generator firmly in place, we can simply shake off the residual shackles of our victim mentality that has kept us living small. Turmeric essence emanates a ray of golden light, potent enough to dispel shadows from even the darkest crevices of the mind. This essence reminds us that we truly are an embodiment of the golden radiance of Source. Our power and potential is unlimited. When we are grounded in this truth, we shine like a thousand Suns.

Price: $12.00





Curcuma longa flowers, artesian spring water & alcohol.
Shake well before using. Take 4 drops sublingually, 4 times daily until bottle is finished for addressing acute issues or add 20 drops to your hydration vessel and drink copiously throughout the day for broad spectrum vibrational effect.

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