Warmicita, Abuta herbal elixir

We call our Abuta elixir, WARMICITA, an endearing term for a woman in the Quechua language, because of its strong affinity to the female reproduction system. Abuta is also a powerful liver detox and tonic. It is also well known as a hormone equalizing agent; traditionally known in Amazonia as “the midwives’ herb” with a long illustrious history of use for all types of women's ailments including: menstrual cramps and associated PMS symptoms, postnatal pain, excessive menstrual bleeding, uterine hemorrhaging, hot flashes and most types of female hormonal imbalances. Abuta supports proper glucose levels, an important consideration while cleansing as our regular eating schedule is disrupted.

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* Helps regulate and maintain healthy liver function * Supports proper glucose levels * Helps maintain normal lymphatic and circulatory system functions * Encourages normal hormonal balance
Abuta's bitter taste imparts a cooling effect on the bodily systems and as well as an affinity to (yakrut) liver and (rakta) blood. These qualities make Abuta an ideal choice for balancing Pitta dosha and relieving the effects of excess heat conditions on the body. The prabhava (special ability) of Abuta is its facility to harmonize a gamut of arthava dhatu disparities (female reproductive system.) It traditionally has been utilized for addressing imbalance by women throughout the different phases of the life cycle from premenstrual cramping and excessive menstrual bleeding to hot flashes and post menopausal libido loss. It works on apana vayu (downward moving wind) and its descending force has been employed by midwives to relax the uterus during childbirth and facilitate an effortless labor experience.


Abuta vine (Abuta grandiflora), Amazonian artesian spring water alcohol, stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) leaf
Take 30-60 drops, 1-3 times daily with water: * As herbal support during a cleanse * To aid in weight loss * To aid in balancing glucose levels * Hot flashes * PMS symptoms


Abuta is amazing stuff! I picked up some Warmicita from Scarlet Sage in SF this weekend, and it is indeed a powerful cleanser! Wow.

Thanks for your help!

Tom, SF

Yuliya, US-Northeast

I bought this herb hoping for some help with glitches in my cycle. Not only did it help with that, but I felt such a strong connection to this herb. Its slightly bitter taste felt so right for me. Interestingly, my dreams intensified and I feel like my intuition did as well while working with this plant. Special!

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